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    • Green-brewed millet vinegar

      Green-brewed millet vinegar
    • Green Wine Super Soy Sauce

      Green Wine Super Soy Sauce
    • Green brewed thin salt soy sauce

      Green brewed thin salt soy sauce
    • Gufang Longguan Soy Sauce

      Gufang Longguan Soy Sauce
    • Ancient Fengguan Vinegar

      Ancient Fengguan Vinegar
    • Gufang Sauce Garden Gift Box

      Gufang Sauce Garden Gift Box

    About us

    Qiao Daughter-in-law Cooks Naturally

    Shandong Qiao Daughter-in-law Food Group Co., Ltd. is a specialized condiment production enterprise mainly producing soy sauce, vinegar, sauces, oyster sauce, cooking wine, compound condiments, etc. Large production bases have been built in Jinan, Zibo and Heze.

    Qiao Daughter-in-law Food has the first-class scientific research force and advanced scientific research testing equipment in China, and the scientific research ability has reached the first-class level in the industry. In the brewing technology, "clever daughter-in-law" generations of people adhering to the essence of traditional brewing technology in practice, combined with the continuous innovation of modern advanced bioengineering, have developed a series of new products to meet the tastes of modern people.

    Qiao Daughter-in-law Food upholds the tradition and promotes Chinese food culture. She is willing to cooperate with all walks of life in order to achieve common development.